Newly launched teachers’ code of conduct to help improve teachers welfare - NyaLonje

Minister of Education Agnes NyaLonje says the newly launched 1 teachers’ code of conduct will help to improve the welfare of teachers in the country.

NyaLonje made the remarks on Monday when the ministry presided over the launch of the first-ever Teachers Union Code of Conduct to present collective efforts towards making the teaching profession better.

According to NyaLonje, the ministry will work closely with the Teachers Union of Malawi  (TUM) to ensure that this 1 teacher’s code of conduct is used as a positive tool to promote professional behavior amongst teachers.

“In any profession, a code of conduct is a regular part of business whether you are talking of lawyers, doctors even human resource specialist because it is believed that when you have a group of people carrying out some duties, there is need to have regulations as to what is acceptable and not acceptable while performing their duties.

NyaLonje: the code of conduct will help improve teachers' welfare

“So, it is important that both the teachers and those managing teachers know what the procedures are going to be so that the same procedures are followed,” said Nyalonje. 

Minister Nyalonje added that a profession without regulations gives everyone a chance to decide to change how issues are handled creating a chaotic system in the process.

“This code of conduct will help to bring sanity in how we manage, support and, how we provide a working environment that encourages positive behaviors and dealing with issues in a way that does not destroy individuals but dealing with an issue that has gone wrong,” added Nyalonje.

Nyalonje also applauded teachers for putting an effort when discharging their duties and assured the ministry will ensure that teachers’ working conditions are improved.

Meanwhile, TUM General secretary Charles Kumchenga has applauded the ministry for launching the Code of conduct book saying it will help promote the profession.

“As Teachers Union of Malawi, we are very happy with the launch of this document as it will help both the employee and employer since in some cases we have seen employers punishing employees unreasonably without following procedures so this document will help each authority to know how to treat teachers,”  he said.