NHBGM, University of Dundee sign MoU on environmental conservation

National Herbarium and Botanic Garden of Malawi (NHBGM) through Ministry of Natural Resources and Climate Change has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with University of Dundee from Scotland to promote the work of conserving environment mainly the botanic gardens in the country.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday in Lilongwe, the Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change, Eisenhower Mkaka said that the MoU has been signed would among others help in addressing climate change issues in the country.

“This MoU particularly looks at different roles that the different sectors play and here at the botanic garden we are particularly looking different roles of trees in dealing with issues of climate change,” he said.

Mkaka added that the country would benefit a lot from the MoU saying that Dundee University holds oldest botanic gardens in the world hence Malawi would benefit through sharing of experience, sharing of best practices in as far as botanic gardens operates.

Mkaka: The MoU will among others help the country address effects of climate change 

“Not only Malawi that will benefit even Scotland will benefit as well you might be aware that we have some other species that Scotland don’t have, meaning to say they will learn from us,” he said.

 Vice Chancellor of the University of Dundee, Ian Gillespie said that they have been working with Universities in Malawi for many years in areas of sustainability of combating climate change issues, addressing issues of equity, inclusion and train health professionals among others.

“We met up with the former Minister of Natural Resources and Climate Change, Nancy Tembo in 2021 to look at how we can extend our partnership,” he said.

Gillespie said that they have been having conversation on how they use Botanic gardens as clean code of the city to create much more creativity so that people in the city could come to Botanic Garden to appreciate nature of plants and the environment.

Gillespie (Left) shakes hands with environmental activist Mathews Malata

“This partnership will have huge benefit in as far as botanic gardens operate in the world both Malawi and Scotland as we will be sharing ideas and other sorts of things in protecting environment,” he explained.

The National herbarium and Botanic Gardens of Malawi was established with the act of parliament with purpose of research and conservation, Education and recreation.