NICE on sensitization campaigns on COVID-19

Lilongwe, July 15, Mana: 1 Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) in collaboration with the Ministry of Civic Education and 1 Unity has embarked on a 14-day loud hailing activity in Lilongwe to sensitize communities on preventive measures of COVID-19 amid the rising cases of the pandemic.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency on Wednesday, NICE District Civic Education Officer for Lilongwe Urban, Dedza and Ntcheu, Daniel Malango said the exercise was decided following a sharp rise of COVID-19 new infections and deaths.

He said NICE also noted that communities were not adhering to the preventive measures in spite of the rise in the COVID-19 cases, hence the need to raise awareness on the same.

“This campaign will have a great impact because people will realize that COVID-19 is still in our midst and is spreading fast. We are optimistic that people will be able to change their behavior,” he said.

Malango further said NICE has established a digital platform called Masoathu where their volunteers post issues on say, the adherence to COVID-19 preventive measures or any issue relating to COVID-19, just to make sure the messages reach a lot of people.

“Our messages to the citizenry are that they must ensure they are adhering to COVID-19 preventive measures and understand that the pandemic is dangerous.

“We are also encouraging the masses to get vaccinated once the doses arrive in the country next week,” added Malango.

According to the civic education officer, during loud hailing, they are accompanied by health personnel who are able to respond to any questions regarding the pandemic.

Besides loud hailing, NICE is also using the media in reaching out to the masses and also urging various leaders to be encouraging their subjects to be responsive to issues relating to COVID-19.

The campaign is being supported by Malawi Government and once the vaccines are in the country, the focus will be on mobilizing the masses to get the jab, according to Malango.

Elube Jailosi, a resident at Tumbe in area 36, said she was happy that people are being reminded on the preventive measures as the pandemic is getting worse.

Elube Jailosi asking a question on COVID-19 vaccine at Tumbwe market.-Pic-by Chikondi Basikolo

“I will make use of the messages that I have heard here and I am happy that I had an opportunity to ask questions that I had about COVID-19 and the vaccine.

“Now that I have the answers, I am relieved and will be able to help my friends and family,” she added.

Jailosi benefited from the first phase of the vaccine by taking a jab and she said was ready for the second one.