NICE takes COVID-19 messages to hard-to-reach areas

Nsanje, July 26, Mana: National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust in Nsanje has described the availability of COVID-19 information on prevention and vaccine as vital in hard-to-reach areas in order to control further spread of the pandemic.

The district’s Civic Education Officer, Kondwani Malunga, said in an interview on Monday that people in areas that are not easy to reach hardly get important information on COVID-19 prevention due to mobility challenges.

Malunga said the situation puts lives of people in such areas at risk of contracting the disease.

“Most communities in rural areas are not provided with COVID-19 prevention messages. Organizations and people conducting awareness campaigns do not target hard-to-reach areas due to mobility challenges.

“This has been putting the lives of people in such areas at risk of contracting COVID-19,” Malunga said.

One of the hard to reach areas NICE reached out with Covid 19 preventive measures

He said upon noticing the gap, NICE with support from the Ministry of Civic Education and National Unity, saw the need of reaching out to Nsanje’s hard-to-reach communities with messages on how they can comply with COVID-19 preventive measures.

Malunga said during the awareness campaign, it was also discovered that most people in the targeted areas did not have adequate information on COVID-19, its prevention and vaccine.

“We realized that communities generally did not have information about COVID-19 and its vaccine.

“However, we’re happy that following the campaign, they now have full information about the disease’s prevention measures and its vaccine,” Malunga added.

Nsanje District Hospital Health Promotion Officer, George Mbotwa, commended NICE for ensuring that communities in hard-to-reach areas are reached out with COVID-19 preventive and vaccine messages.

Nsanje NICE Civic and education Officer, Kondwani Malunga giving out messages

He said it was important to disseminate the messages as widely as possible for the fight against the pandemic to be effective.

Mbotwa further said the intervention by NICE was of paramount importance as it reached out to vulnerable people who could contract the disease due to lack of information on basic means of its prevention.

“We are very grateful to NICE for the job well done. Apart from reaching out to other areas of the district, NICE went to areas difficult to reach with COVID-19 prevention and vaccine messages.

“This will obviously have an impact in containing the spread of the disease,” Mbotwa said.

Some of places with difficult access where NICE conducted COVID-19 campaign recently are Nthondo and Kawa in Traditional Authority (T.A.) Tengani; Lurwe in T.A. Makoko and Mchacha 58 in T.A. Mlolo. 


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