Ntcheu stadium to be ready in August

The most awaited magnificent Ntcheu stadium is expected to open its doors for games in August this year, Nthanda Times has established.

The construction project of the Stadium which started in 2017 was expected to be completed in October last year but was delayed due to financial problems, making sports lovers in Ntcheu to wait a little longer for them to have a chance of using the stadium.

Speaking with Nthanda Times, foreman of the Project Kefasi Banda said the project faced logistical challenges especially of materials to be used on the project.

“Yes, we were supposed to finish the project last year but we were unable to do that because the project was underpaid as the council did not release funds to buy materials to be used which delayed us,” said Banda.

Banda assured all people in Ntcheu that the wait will finally come to an end in August as the stadium will be completed.

“Right now, I can confirm and assure all sports lovers in Ntcheu that in three months’ time from now or should I say in August, we will handle the stadium to the District council for use as we have received funds to complete the project,” concluded Banda.

In his words, Ntcheu District Council Chairperson Jumbe Kwinimba said he is overwhelmed with the progress in the construction of the stadium.

Ntcheu Stadium
Ntcheu stadium to be opened in August

Kwinimba further said the stadium will play a great role in developing sports activities in the district.

“We are so grateful to the Forman and the people taking part in the project as now we are able to the stadium is taking shape making our district on the map in developing sports infrastructures in the country.

“We are more than happy especially that when the stadium is completed it will help in finding sports hidden talents in the district as the stadium will accommodate different sports activities to take place as such giving us more chances of having more athletic players,” said Kwinimba.

When completed, Ntcheu stadium will accommodate twenty thousand spectators to enter into the stadium and making it the third largest stadium in the country.