Ntopwa sounds SOS as losing streak continues

All is not well for relegation threatened Bangwe based Amaghetto kids Ntopwa Football Club as they have failed to find victory in 12 consecutive games in 2020/2021 Tnm Super League. The Amaghetto kids led by their coach Karen Chaula who is yet to register a win since her appointment as the team’s head coach returns to Blantyre after an unsuccessful trip in the central region. Ntopwa lost away to Mafco 2-0 on Saturday before losing 2-0 to Blue Eagles on Sunday in the top flight league, leaving them at the bottom of the table with 15 points having played 22 games.
Karen Chaula is yet to taste a Victory since her appointment as Ntopwa head coach
Speaking after the defeat at Nankhaka Stadium, Ntopwa’s Technical Director Isaac Jomo Osman said the team has had tough lucky in the league but his players are trying. “I need to salute the boys, we are trying. It is just a matter of time. I think this is not our time. We are trying, but nothing is coming out of it,” said Osman.
Jomo (L): We are trying to turn our misfortunes
The Technical Director however assured Ntopwa’s supporters not to lose hope in their team as they can pull a surprise in their remaining eight assignments in the league. “We are remaining with eight games. We will go back and sit down and see where we can do better. We have seen our mistakes, of course we are trying as a team. I will not blame anyone, I will not blame the players, I will not blame the coach, I cannot even blame myself, we are trying. The only problem we are facing is that Ntiopwa is passing through economic hardships,” said Ntopwa.
Ntopwa in action against Bullets recently
Osman said the team is fighting two battles, to win games and to give their players something to eat. The Technical Director has since pleaded for help from government and other well-wishers. “Don’t see Jomo as a bad Jomo. See Jomo where he is doing good things. When Ntopwa dies, it is not Jomo who will suffer, because Jomo is trying to keep youths busy. Ntopwa is not a small team,” pleaded Osman. Ntopwa was on a verge of not fulfilling its central region assignment due to financial problems only to be saved by Energem Petroleum Company Limited.