Open Days crucial for schools development

School Open Days are important for development of schools and education at large as stakeholders come together to share successes and challenges and map way forward for the smooth running of schools for children's benefit.

This was said on Wednesday by Lilongwe Urban Desk Officer for Primary Education, Crissy Fodya, at Mchesi Primary school in Lilongwe City when the School organized an Open Day where different school activities were displayed.

"This day encourages teachers, learners, School Management Committee, community members and Education officials to focus on development of schools. It provides a platform for sharing successes and challenges of schools," she said.

Fodya: open days are important pic Daniel Kasondo (Mana)

Fodya said by all stakeholders coming together, they know their area of focus for schools development and appreciate each other’s role in promoting education for the benefit of the pupils.

"Open days motivate teachers and pupils as they showcase what they do in class and then participants appreciate. It attracts new pupils in school as they are attracted to what they see on the day," she said.

Head Teacher for Mchesi Primary School, Patrick Siliya thanked all stakeholders for supporting the school in its operation but asked them to help the school solving some of its challenges which affects delivery of lessons to the children.

"We have a resource center at the school where disabled children get their lessons. We need support in this class. We can receive any support from any well wishers," he said.

Siliya said the centre was operating on one wheel chair for all the physically challenged children who can't move on their own within the school.

"We have numerous challenges to help the center which includes lack of water. We need support. Am sure with the open day, parents and the community having learnt of all these challenges and we expect them to act," the head teacher added.

The Chairperson for the School, William Bwanali said the school spends over K10, 000 for water in day, which he said was very expensive.

“We need water for general cleanliness of the school, but its hard buying water every day, with our meager resources. We need support," he said 

Mchesi Primary School which has over 1, 300 pupils serve Mchesi, Kawale and Biwi townships.