Our AIM Foundation eliminates water burden of Chikwawa’s women

One of the renowned international organizations working in the country, Our AIM Foundation (OAF) is expanding its water and sanitation support to the most rural areas in the southern region of Malawi particularly in Chikwawa district, in a bid to address the challenges which women face to access clean water in the district.

This follows the commencement of new installation and rehabilitation of boreholes by the organization in Gogo village located in the area of Traditional Authority Mgabu in Chikwawa district which is being done with support of its USA-based partner organization Bread and Water for Africa.

OAF Board Member, Dr. Parth Patel said that as an organization with their partner decided to venture into the mission after observing the severe challenges which people especially women in Chikwawa face to access clean water.

“Chikwawa is one of the districts in Malawi mostly affected by water-borne diseases like cholera as people in the district have challenges to access clean water, on top of that women in the district travel long distance to fetch water, this is why we decided to implement our project in the district,” he said.

He added that with their mission they want to reach out to many rural areas in various districts in the country as one way of helping the government in improving the availability of potable water in the rural areas.

“According to our assessment, many people in Malawi, especially in rural areas, are still having challenges to accessing potable water, the water supply utilities such as water boards do not cover the entire population of the country with clean water, and as a result, a lot of people are drinking unsafe water.

“In addition to that women walk long distances just to fetch water and they face difficulties along the way such as being raped which threatens their life in many aspects including their marriages. Therefore, with our mission we want to assist in improving potable water access in the rural communities particularly to take the burden of women” Patel said.

Women accessing water on the borehole which has been renovated in Gogo village in Chikwawa

In his statement, Lyford Mastered who is Group Village Headman Gogo from Chikwawa district appreciated the gesture made by OAF and Bread & Water for Africa in his village.

“For a long time we have been facing problems with accessing potable water and our women fetch water in nearby villages where they face various challenges including involving themselves into fight with fellow women to have water.

“Hence I thank Our AIM Foundation and its partner for helping us to have access to potable water and this is a great assistance to the people in my village,” Group Village Headman Gogo explained.

Commenting on the same, Director of Water Supply and Sanitation in the Ministry of Water and Sanitation, Emma Mbalame also commended efforts which Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) like OAF are doing in a bid to improve water supply and sanitation in the country.

“The NGOs and Civil Society Organizations are helping a lot to improve potable water access among the people which we are failing to reach out as government more especially in rural areas where people have challenges to have clean water.

“As government, we applaud these NGOs like OAF for complementing government efforts aimed at improving potable water supply in the country,” she said.

Apart from Chikwawa district, So far OAF has also reached out other districts in the country which include Mchinji and about 625 sanitation facilities including; boreholes and toilets have been built in all areas where the organization has reached out.