Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture asks Govt to halt Cannabis operations

The Agriculture and Food Security Committee and Natural Resources and Climate Change Committee of Parliament has asked government to halt cannabis operations until the Cannabis law is reviewed.

The committee sent back the Cannabis Regulatory Authority (CRA) on grounds that it failed to present to the committees how it intends to spend K200 million that has been allocated to CRA in this year's budget.

Sameer Suleman Chairperson of the committee says there is need to go back to the drawing board saying the cannabis law is now lacking in many aspects as most clauses in the law are not favourable to the poor Malawians.

Suleman suggested that Malawi should grow its own "Chamba" and get the market outside the country instead of growing the industrial hemp.

"If you go on Mchinji road, you will see greenhouses that are owned by Whites, it is sad that this cannabis thing is not for the poor, let's go back to the drawing board and amend some clauses in the law, we can't have people from other country's coming to Malawi with their seeds to use our soil and labour then take the cannabis to their country's, let us wake up, these people came to steal from us," said Suleman.

Suleman: we should be allowed to grow local 'Chamba'

The committee further said CRA should come back with a detailed report on how it intends to use the K200 million but also how it spent the K100 million that was earlier given to the Authority.

CRA has complied to go back and work on a detailed report based on the K200million.

However, the institution has lamented low funding saying the Cannabis industry needs heavy investment.