Parliamentary Committee on Education blames Ministry of Education for dishonest

Parliamentary Committee on Education has taken a swipe at Ministry of Education for not being honest enough in handling welfare of teachers in the country. Chairperson of the Committee Brainax Kaisa made the remarks Monday afternoon during an interface meeting with the ministry and Teachers Union of Malawi (TUM) amid the ongoing public-school teachers’ stay way demanding risk allowance from government. Kaisa blamed the ministry for what he called talk with no action as the ministry has failed to take an action on teachers’ promotions, salary increments, unsettled arrears and other incentives despite talking of these. “Ministry of Education has now and again been talking about teachers’ promotions, but it hasn’t lived to its talking. There is backlog of issues teachers have been complaining such as unsettled arrears, salary increments, promotions. It is this dishonest that has made teachers lose trust in the ministry. This is why teachers are reluctant to return to work when the ministry is yet to address their concerns,” said Kaisa.  
Public school teachers have been on stay away demanding risk allowance
However, Commissioner for Labor Hlale Nyangulu has asked TUM to make sound claims as no amount can buy life. Nyangulu said there is a need for TUM lobby for salary increment or promotion not risk allowance which is for a short period of time. On its part, Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 through its member Innocencia Chirombo said the teachers are making impossible demands as it will require government to source about k42 billion to pay the teachers for 10 months. Chirombo said the taskforce might consider paying in cash funds that were meant for acquiring Personal Preventative Equipment for the teachers. He said the money will not be called risk allowance and might be allocated for first three months. Meanwhile a special team involving the teachers’ mother body and the government has drafted a commitment document which pokes TUM to call off the strike on March 9, 2021, meaning classes in public might resume on 9th March. Teachers from public schools have been on stay away since 22 February demanding risk allowance from government.