Pastor sentenced to 7 years for attempted defilement of adopted child in Ntchisi

A pastor of the Malawi Assemblies of God identified as Jack Phiri aged 51, has been sentenced to seven years in jail for attempting to defile an adopted 12-year-old girl in Ntchisi district.

During the court proceeding, first grade magistrate Dorothy Kalua learnt that the Reverend adopted the girl on pretext that she would be helping him conduct his mandasi business in December 2020.

State prosecutor Patrick Phambana, stated in the court that on 17th December in the same year, the pastor started showing the victim phonographic videos before he decided to force himself on her a thing which did not work after the minor had shouted for help and the matter was reported to police which led to his arrest.

According to Phambana, the accused who escaped after being granted bail was re-arrested earlier this month.

After being re-arrested the accused also had to escape from lawful custody while in handcuffs but police managed to apprehend him.