Performing Artists of Nkhoma Radio Fundraising drive blasted Lilongwe audience

Nkhoma Synod Radio last Sunday conducted a fundraising show aimed at assisting Malingunde and Chilanga Schools for the blind, performing Gospel Artists impressed the audience despite their low turnup.

The show which was called 'Helping Hands Gospel Music Show'  Organisers of the event were targeting to raise about 5,000,000. but failed to meet the target.

The targeted 5,000 000 was aimed to assisting the difficulties like food, security,clothes as well as  lack of learning materials, faced at Malingunde and Chilanga schools for the blind.

Despite low audience turn up, as compared to organizers expectations, this did not affect nor discourage performances of Artists in anyway as they gave maximum entertainment.

On side interviews after the show, the Marketing executive at Nkhoma Synod Radio also the Chairperson of the event, Patwel Phiri said that despite that the audience was not convincing, but were impressed with how artists performed.

Phiri: We were impressed

"We thank God for what he has given us, the show has happened, and this is how it has ended. We hope we have delivered the message and some people out there are going to do something." explained Phiri.

Among other Artists that blasted the Lilongwe audience with good songs includes King James Phiri, Dr Ethel Kamwendo Banda, Favoured Martha, Confidence voices as well as Great Angels Choir just to mention a few.

Ethel Kamwendo Banda (in apple green) preforming 

Speaking with Dr Ethel Kamwendo Banda said she could not have done otherwise but to partner Nkhoma radio in the fundraising activity and it is a gift that god instilled in her saying it is one way of ministering.

"I am happy that I have contributed to the fundraise towards schools for the blind. For those people who have failed to come should at least send something towards the initiative through Nkhoma radio."  Banda said 

Favoured Martha, said she welcomed the invitation to join the fundraising show, hence it is also part of her ministry, then she couldn’t resist.

Favored Martha (left) preforming with a student of Malingunde School for the blind

"We don’t just sing for business, god gave us this gift so that we bless others too, in this case we need to help our friends who are blind in the two schools. 

"It is very sad that most of the time we tend to forget to help the needy. But what has happened with Nkhoma radio is exceptional and people and other well-wishers should emulate this."  said Martha.

One of the audience, Steve Msamala said he thought of coming and participate in the fundraise after saying what god has given to him should also be shared to needy people.

"I found this very important and useful after seeing the theme and the reason, talking about blind people. 

As an individual I can’t reach out to them alone, but when I heard advertisement, I thought that one way is to participate like the way I have done, whatever we have we should share to people." Msamala explained.

Nkhoma Synod is still calling people, Well-wishers and organisations to forward their assistance so thay they accomplish their desire to aid the two schools.