Persons with albinism on the lift

As this country joins the rest of the world in commemorating an Inter1 Albinism Awareness Day on 13 June, there is a need to promote the talents and nurture visions the persons with albinism are having.

Bishop Rt. Reverend George Desmond Tambala of Zomba Catholic Diocese said this as the district held a pre-commemoration Albinism Awareness event that started with a big walk from Zomba Catholic Secondary School to Gymkhana Ground on Wednesday.

Tambala said this day is very crucial in the development of the country for it reminds communities that people living with albinism are special just like anyone else hence there is a need to show them love and making sure that their rights are respected as well.

 “Everyone has needs so it is with persons with albinism, so let us help them to attain good education, health as well as shelter,” said Tambala.

Bishop Tambala
Tambala: people living with albinism are just like anyone else

Commenting on promoting the lives of persons with albinism, Presidential Advisor on Persons with albinism and disability Overstone Kondowe said his office is engaging different Government departments such as Malawi Police Service to consider recruiting the persons with albinism into their service.

Kondowe said this initiative is to help in making sure that their lives are fully protected as some other countries in Africa are doing.

“Government has put in place some deliberate steps to ensure that the persons with albinism are benefiting economic empowerment initiatives such as loan from 1 Economic Empowerment Fund program,” added Kondowe.

Overstone Kondowe
Kondowe: the aim is to ensure security of people living with albinism

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) 1 Governance Programs Coordinator George Chiusiwa said as a country, Malawi is not doing enough based on the completed court cases involving persons with albinism which are almost 195 cases and almost 4 cases are completed out every 10 cases.

Chiusiwa said this is so due to lack of enough funds to aid in investigating such kind of cases by the police and also funding the courts so that they can complete these cases in time.

He added that though things are like that, but Government is trying its best to make sure that funds are available so that the cases can be completed as soon as possible.

pre-commemoration Albinism Awareness big walk

“It could be better if government might think of increase the funding that is used in the fight against any inhuman acts against persons with albinism,” explained Chiusiwa.

The Inter1 Albinism Awareness Day which falls on 13 June every year was first commemorated in 2013. According statistics by 1 Statistical Office, Malawi has 134 thousand persons with albinism, and the theme of this year is “Strengthen Beyond All Odds”