Producer behind Ability in Fashion documentary appeals for support

Mzuzu based fashion designer who is the producer of the documentary titled ‘Ability in Fashion,’ Ruth Chirwa has asked the public to support her by voting for her documentary to win the NOVA Employment 2022 Focus on Ability Short Film Awards.

Ability in Fashion documentary highlights Chirwa’s life story particularly on how she got disabled and how was surviving an independent life despite her disability.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (Mana) on Saturday, Chirwa, 22 said that she decided to come up with the concept of her documentary in a bid to among other things encourage her fellow young girls who have various forms of disabilities to focus on their dreams.

“The documentary is all about encouraging my fellow girls that accepting the way they are is the very first thing they have to do, they should not give up in life  it doesn’t matter how they look like or how disable they are but once they work on something they are good at everything is possible,” she said.

The Designer added that, the documentary seeks to sensitize the masses to stop looking down on people who are disabled.

“Many people look down on me as they think that I cannot do anything because I am disabled, for this reason with the documentary I want also to educate people to change their mindset on people with disabilities,” she said.

Chirwa: Many people look down on me

Chirwa who holds a certificate in Fashion and Designing and is specialized in designing male and female outfits, urged the public to vote for her documentary saying that her life would be transformed after winning the NOVA Employment 2022 Focus on Ability Short Film Awards.

“People should vote for my documentary so that should win, in so doing I might use the money I have earned in the awards to open a shop for my business as at the moment I do my work at home.

“ Additionally, I would also use the money to buy a better sewing machine as well as improving my life and also the life of others,” she said.

People are advised to go on in order to vote for Ability in Fashion documentary.