Rashley’s touching advice to men in new single ‘Kumayamika’

In most of the times, a lot of men tend to cheat on their loved ones despite receiving a better love that other men are rarely receiving in their families.

This raised attention of the Ndakupasa hit maker, Rashley, to release a new song titled “Kumayamika” which means be thankful, advising men that when they find their love of their life, who are able to love them unconditionally, even more than themselves, they should not mistreat them and even cheat on them. That is by being thankful to God.

You will find out that a man can have a good lover, either a girlfriend or a wife, but still cheats on her. Even beating her for no good reason at all.

Other men even reach a point of claiming that they are getting bored for all the phone calls and sweet messages that their lovers communicate with them. What they do not know is that the all these are signs of love from their loved ones. Meaning that they miss and still thinks about them when they are far from each other.

In line with this, the Ndidzasangalala hit maker opens the song by saying, “Kukangocha mamawa amayimba foni. Wadzuka bwanji? Wagona bwanji? Pasadutse hour, she checks up on me. Bebi wasowa. Ine ntima kuwawa” mainly to show the extent that women show to their loved ones when they are in deep love despite many men tend to think that they are just playing with their minds. Additionally, here, the artist is telling men that women psychologically call their loved ones every morning just to express the depth of love they receive from their men.

Rashley continues to say “amandikonda mpaka ineyo kakasi. Amandipembeza. Pena ndimasowa chobweza. Ntima unalimba sizindikhuza ine zakezi. Zomwe amandichitila sizimandikwanila. She is everything I have right now” mainly to depict the way how men feel them a woman is showing the original love to them. They tend to me amazed by the love since it is very rare in many lovers and this somehow makes them to be speechless. Also, this makes them to be settled for the lover and not to wish for having another lover besides them.

This makes many men to release the type of pain they received from other lover who were just materialistic and just used them to gain money and other things, then leave them.

Throughout the song, the Norah hitmaker, emphases on a key message to say that a person should be appreciative after finding a lover in his or her life. This is my extending back the same love your lover is showing you by not cheating and violating him or her in any way.

This is evidenced in the lines “Kumayamika ukapeza okukonda, Kumayamika, Kumayamika, Kumayamika ukapeza okukonda”

Since it is now a tendency that many young couples tend to be in love for sexual, financial and other reasons, Rashley did not spare this by continuing his song in sharing to his listeners that there are many lovers who do not need many things from a man or woman to originally love the person.

Ndikaganizila komwe ineyo ndachoka, ndimazifunsa kuti izizo zoona, umandikonda chonchi, umandikonda chonchi, umandisangalasa, umandikomedwetsa mainly to depict that there are really people out there who truly love without considering the personal background of the person as most people nowadays, consider social class, educational level, cultural background and even religious background as a reason for being in love with a certain person. Others even reach a point of denying a person by saying “undipatsa chani? Siwe level yanga” but Rashley crashes all these in his Amapiano type of a song and this is evidenced in the lines “Sizikukhuza zoti ineyo ndilibe kanthu, sizikukhuza zoti ineyo ndilibe ndalama, kaya ka nsima, kaya mbatata, kaya chinangwa, ife timadya”

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