RCLI, ICCM set to clean Lingadzi River

The Rotary Club of Lilongwe-Lingadzi (RCLI) in conjunction with Inter1 Conservation and Clean-up Management (ICCM) has organized a clean-up program aimed at cleaning Lingadzi River in Lilongwe on Saturday, September 18, 2021.

In an interview, RCLI Co-Director of Projects and Fundraising, Mvaiwa Chigaru said that they are prepared for the clean-up exercise.

“We are all prepared for the clean-up exercise; the site of clean-up has been identified and the communities have been engaged and we are currently spreading the messages to call more stakeholders to be part of the event,” Chigaru said.

He added that, the clean-up exercise is part of their bigger scheme and he said that they will continue to clean-up sections of the river, engage the community to plant trees and provide a solution to recycle various waste materials that are collected from the clean-up exercises.

Chigaru said that, through the clean-up exercises their mission is to create a clean environment that would foster good health living among the public in Lilongwe.

“As rotary club our main areas of focus are health, youth and the environment, the clean-up exercise is the way of bridging all of these three areas together.

Directors of Rotary Club of Lilongwe-Lingadzi

“By doing clean-up exercises our mission is to create a cleaner environment which will result in better health for the people living in the communities in Lilongwe,” he said.

He also said that, they are also looking forward to educate the youth living in Lilongwe as how they can keep their surrounding clean as well as how they can make recycled materials and use them as source of income.

In his remarks, one of the country’s environmental analysts, Mathews Malata commendedRCLI andICCM for their initiative saying that it would help to bring sanity at Lingadzi River.

“I would like to commend RCLI and ICCM for their cleaning program which they want carryon at Lingadzi River.

“This forthcoming cleaning exercise is quite significant as it will help to bring cleanliness at the river hence this would help to reduce the issues of water pollution and siltation of the river,” Malata said.