Recruitment Machines launches a website to ease recruitment process

As technology continues to control the world, a well-known recruitment company Recruitment Machines has launched a website known which will ease companies’ tasks to find people who are qualified to be employed in their companies.

Speaking during a launch of the platform which is called the Program Recruitment machines in Lilongwe on Thursday, Recruitment Machines Executive Director Temwani Luhanga said the platform will bring an instant solution to the employers, and the employees should expect Mass interviews.

She said employers have been finding problems in finding recommendable people to be placed in their companies, but with the platform, they are going to find people who are qualified.

Luhanga said potential employees on the website will make public their skills and qualifications, making it easier for employers to select suitable candidates.

“As the employees that are going to use our platform specifically should expect to go through a mass recruitment and mass interviews within the coming two weeks, and also benefit from the Curriculum Vitae editing, and trainings which we will be offering,” said Luhanga.

The Executive Director added that everyone can access the platform and it includes a feature to help users visit the site while offline.

“We have created a system that is 24 hours and it is able to respond to the needs of the people,” she said.

Luhanga: the website will ease recruiting process

Also speaking during the launch, Principal Secretary from the Ministry of Labor Dickson Chunga recommended the platform saying it will ease recruitment processes.

He said as government is making an effort to employ many people, and the avenue will provide an opportunity for job seekers to apply for the job that they need.

“This is important for those who are looking for employment, and employers are going to have an opportunity to identify those people who they need because it is providing an alternative avenue for job seekers,” said Chunga.

Chunga further encouraged the company to work had to assist the job seekers and employers to make full use of the website.

The high rate of unemployment in the country has caused companies and institutions to take time in identifying new recruits as they are choked will many applications to review.