Rev Gama, Nkhoma Synod apologize to Chefo

Rev Gama, Nkhoma Synod apologize to Chefo

Reverend Halmiton Yasin Gama of Central African Presbyterian Church (CCAP) Nkhoma Synod has apologized to Chewa Heritage Foundation (Chefo) for his preaching which did not go well with the latter group.

Rev Gama who ministers at Mvama CCAP Area 49 in Lilongwe is seen in a video giving an example of Gulewamkulu cult as sinners.

Appearing before a meeting at District Commission offices conducted in presence of the Chewa Heritage Foundation, Chewa chiefs, Malawi Police Service, and Nkhoma Synod Representatives, Gama said the message in his sermon was wrong.

“I agree that the language that I used was utterly wrong to our culture as Chewas,” he said.

Rev Gama who looked well composed and brave during the offered an emotional prayer before issuing a second apology after the first one appeared to be tingled with elements of reluctance.

A snippet of Gama (standing) praying to God

In the prayer, he asked God to bear him witness for being forced to apologize for saying the right thing, and he asked Him to receive his soul.

Rev Gama further prayed to God that his blood should plant a seed of restoration into the hearts of people from the Central Region (Chewa in particular), and asked God to strengthen the next person who will stand to preach the Gospel.

Apologizing on behalf of the CCAP Nkhoma Synod, the synod’s General Secretary Reverend Vasco Kachipapa pledged for continued peace and harmony that has been existing between the synod and Chewa people.

Coordinator for Chefo Chief Paramount Lukwa said the sentiments by Reverend Gama have the potential to fuel violence in the country, hence asking Gama to officially apologize to Chewa people.

Chewa Chief’s Council Chairperson Senior Chief Kalumbu said the Chewa has received and accepted Gama’s apology.

Kalumbu however said as per Chewa tradition, the CCAP church will have to pay a little “Mbuzi” and that amount of damages will be communicated to Rev Kachipapa as the synod’s General Secretary.