Roads Fund Administration says MK10 million looted from toll gate fees

Roads Fund Administration says MK10 million looted from toll gate fees

The Roads Fund Administration (RFA) has confirmed that it lost close to MK10 million in a looting spree involving six of its employees at the country’s two tollgates, Chingeni and Kalinyeke tollgates.

The development follows social media outcry that about MK25 million has been looted from the two toll gates.

But in a press statement, RFA Public Relations Officer Masauko Mngwaluko says about MK10 million has been looted by some of its staff members who were using duplicate receipts.

“The incidents took the form of issuance of duplicate receipts to unsuspecting high value paying vehicles after misclassifying their vehicles on boom opening as low value paying vehicles, and pocketing the difference. Duplicate receipts were only to be issued where a motorist either paid in advance or pays using a Point of Sale Device (POS),” reads the statement.

The statement further states auditors were deployed to investigate the issue and confirmed that there were some irregularities.

“We deployed our internal auditors to investigate the incidents. The auditors have confirmed the fraudulent activities and recognized the concerning transactions, including the use of CCTV footage for the noted irregularities. The investigation is at a very advanced stage to establish the full nature and extent of the fraud.

“Current indications are that utmost MK10 million must have been misappropriated. We hasten to mention that any amount, no matter its magnitude, if misappropriated is of great concern for the RFA and the perpetrators will have to face disciplinary action,” reads the statement.

RFA has meanwhile assured all motorists and the general public that it will continue to be vigilant and that such malpractices shall be dealt with resolutely at all times.