Rotary Club of Bwaila intensifies rheumatoid disease awareness campaign

Lilongwe, September 17, Mana: The Rotary Club of Bwaila-Lilongwe has intensified rheumatoid disease awareness campaign in a quest to educate the public about the disease so that they should be able to seek early diagnosis after observing the signs and symptoms of the disease.

Speaking to journalists in Lilongwe, Rotary Club of Bwaila President, Dr Richard Dilawo said that they decided to embark on the campaign after noticing that a lot of people in the country do not have information concerning the disease.

“Rheumatoid disease is not well known among the people in our country but it is a dangerous disease because when a person has suffered from this disease that particular person does not recover for the whole life time.

“Therefore, we thought it wise to embark on an awareness campaign in order to educate the public about this disease so that they can have full information concerning the disease and be able to seek early treatment after observing the signs and symptoms of the disease,” Dilawo said.

He added that, the awareness campaign also seeks to lobby the government to pay attention on rheumatoid disease saying that currently there are no facilities and medical experts of the disease in the country hence patients of the disease access medical treatment abroad.

Rotary Club of Bwaila
Dilawo: Rheumatoid disease is not well known among the people

“Through the awareness campaign we want to lobby the government for treatment and facilities for the disease in the same way as cancer disease which has now get an attention through the development of cancer centre and the coming of specialized cancer doctors.

“Similarly, we want rheumatoid disease to get the same attention as cancer, currently there is a need of a rheumatologist since we do not have one hence this is making the patients to receive treatment abroad which is a burden to the underprivileged people,” he said.

In his comment, one of the country’s medical specialists, Dr Isaac Chirwa commended the Rotary Club of Bwaila for its initiative saying that it would help the public to know more about rheumatoid disease and be able to seek treatment for the disease at early stage.

“There is no much awareness concerning rheumatoid disease especially in rural areas, hence the awareness campaign which is being conducted by the Rotary Club of Bwaila will help to pass on information about the disease to the public including those in rural areas.

“Through this I am hoping that the public will be able to rush to the hospital when they see the signs and symptoms of the disease,” Chirwa said.

Rheumatoid disease is the inflammation of one or more human joints and the condition causes pain and stiffness that worsen with age.


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