Sad day for battle against corruption in Malawi; social media reacts to Chizuma’s rejection

Malawians have taken it to social media accusing Public Appointments Committee (PAC) of promoting corruption in the country. This comes after PAC has rejected Martha Chizuma as the new Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Director General. Chizuma who has gained public trust for being competent in handling 1 interest issues was appointed by State President Lazarus Chakwera as ACB Director General and was waiting for PAC’s confirmation. When a lot of Malawians had hopes the Ombudsman will assume the position of the ACB Director General, they were left frustrated and shocked hearing the news that a person who had proven to be competent has been found incompetent by PAC to read the corruption grafting body.
Chizuma leaving Parliament premises
The 21 member PAC had 18 members available for voting today and nine voted for Chizuma while the other half voted against her. Nine PAC members gave her one out of 25 and nine other members gave her 25 out 25 but the chairperson of the committee declared  that Chizuma has been rejected. PAC members from government side have meanwhile called for resignatioof PAC’s Chairperson Joyce Chitsulo citing she has failed to grant. Writing on his Facebook page, renowned media practitioner Idriss Ali Nassah said he is in discussion with Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) to organize a day of rage in support of Martha Chizuma.
We are in discussions with the HRDC to quickly organize a day of rage in support of Martha Chizuma. We will ask all... Posted by Idriss Ali Nassah on Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Meanwhile, HRDC has posted that it will hold demonstrations on 18 May 2021 against the decision by PAC to reject the appointment of Martha Chizuma as New ACB Director
We will hold Demonstrations on 18th May Against the Decision by Parliament Committee on Public Appointments to reject the appointment of Martha Chizuma as New ACB Director. Posted by Malawi Human Rights Defenders Coalition - HRDC on Tuesday, May 11, 2021
Neno South lawmaker Mark Katsonga described Chizuma's rejection as an assassination of the country. Other Facebook users described Chizuma’s rejection as embarrassing to sanity of PAC.
“It's a huge minus to our democracy. You don't score a nominee and not justify your score. It's sad. It's just vindictive, subjective, backward, retrogressive, childish, and even stupid as a matter of fact,” commented Mwala Njobvu on one post on Facebook.
Activists Onjezani Kenani and Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) Executive Secretary Habiba Osman described the day as a sad one for the battle against corruption in the country.
Another Activist, Writer Pemphero Mphande said it is unfortunate that PAC has rejected a competent individual who had promised to fight corruption in the country. Speaking after meeting with PAC, Chizuma told journalists that she would prioritize cases involving a lot of money but would also fight corruption at community level so tha people should feel uncomfortable about engaging in corruption activities. Chizuma was appointed ACB Director General by President Chakwera following her success in interviews she had and waited for PAC confirmation. She was appointed as Chairperson of the Office of Ombudsman in 2015 and has recently made headlines following her brevity in fighting against corruption in the country.