Save the Future Foundation to launch 1k green jobs for youths

Save the Future Foundation says it has embarked on an initiative to create 1000 environmentally friendly jobs at a time when the unemployment rate is high in the country.

The Youth environmental organization told Nthanda Times that unemployment contributes to environmental degradation and climate change.

In an interview, Save the Future Foundation Executive Director Maloto Chimkombero said tackling issues of environmental degradation and climate change needs to deal with its root cause.

“Unemployed youths resort to activities which jeopardize our environment such as charcoal burning as they have no option to support their daily living. To reduce this problem, we have to get to the bottom of the root cause,” said Chimkombero.

Chimkombero who this year organized a ‘Donate a waste bin’ big walk from Ntchisi district to Lilongwe said it is high time that the country should not only advocate for clean energy without providing alternatives.

The youth environmentalist said area of residence will determine the type of environmentally friendly jobs that the young people will embark on to contribute to the restoration of the environment.

Chimkombero: the 1000 green jobs will help to restore the environment

“We have to provide an alternative, that is why we have come up with this initiative which will create 1000 green jobs. Among the 1000 young people, they are going to venture into business depending on the area they are rewidening which will help to restore the environment,” Chimkombero explained.    

The 1000 green jobs according to Chimkombero focuses on businesses such as irrigation, cloth bag making, and briquettes among others.

“Cloth bag making will help to get away with thin plastics which are commonly used by consumers. We want the cloth bags to be available at an affordable price as people have been complaining that cloth bags are too expensive,” said Chimkombero.

Through the project, youth groups will be formed in rural areas to ensure that they work as a bridge between policymakers and community members in delivering environmental and climate change messages where skill development efforts will be provided so that youths acquire best environmental conservation behaviors.

The project will help small-scale youth farmers with irrigation equipment to ensure that they produce enough harvests each year, a development which will assist youth refrain from cutting down trees for charcoal purposes.

Save the Future Foundation is currently in talks with partners to support the initiative which will run from 20th September 2021 to 20th September 2022, and identification of beneficiaries is currently underway     

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