Shortage of water hits Beula Village in Thyolo

Community members in Beula Village in the area of Traditional Authority (T.A.) Kapichi in Thyolo District have expressed concern over the shortage of boreholes in the area.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA) on Monday, Group Village Headman Felix Basikolo said people are struggling to access clean water due to blockage of boreholes in the area.

"We are facing problems to access safe water as the whole community uses one borehole,” he said.

One of the villagers, Lucy Bester, lamented that lack of working boreholes in the area has forced them to resort to unsafe water sources.

"We use water from wells and streams on daily basis because of inadequate boreholes in our area. However, these sources are also used by domestic animals. 

"This situation is bringing fear of suffering from waterborne diseases such as cholera," she said.

In a separate interview, the area’s Ward Councilor, Sandram Maulana said he was aware of the situation in Beula Village.

"We have received the complaint on that issue, and we are working tirelessly to solve the problem very shortly," he said.

Thyolo District Water Development Officer, Mackford Nzengo, said the office was aware of the problem and disclosed that it was due to the geographical nature of the area.

"We tried our best to minimize the problem by sinking more boreholes in the area but to no avail due to rocks that interrupt the process of drilling tunnels.

"The issue was reported to Malawi Risk Management and Disaster Project to help us with high yielding boreholes to ease the situation," he said.