Sick be Nourished cherishes war veterans in Zomba

Zomba City Council has stressed the need to put in forefront welfare of war veterans in the country as a measure to safeguard the country’s history.

Councilor Anthony Gonani Zomba City Council Deputy Mayor made the remarks on Monday in the city during an event organized by Rastafarians' Zomba based ‘Sick Be Nourished Community based organization’ with the aim of cheering the war heroes at Zomba Memorial House.

In an interview with Nthanda Times, Councilor Gonani said war veterans are sidelined in many ways and asked the Malawi Defense Force to consider signing a memorandum of Understanding that can help in the welfare of the war veterans.

Gonani hailed the CBO for cheering the war heroes.

“We are really thankful to the Rastas through their CBO for what they have done today. As you have seen the gifts they have given to the veterans. As Zomba City Council, we have leant a lot of things from the event,” said Councilor Gonani.

Councilor Gonani : Thanks to the Rastas CBO for the help

Gonani further said the Council will in near future contribute to the welfare of the war veterans.

In his words, Sick be Nourished Spokesperson Rueben Chapunga said they organized the charity event to cheer the heroes.

Chapunga said tit was part of social welfare services to the war veterans considering that they played a huge role and it is important to cheer them up and honor them since most of them are now aged.

“During the time of first and second world war, these were among the brave men who went to war to fight against Babylon. From that time, we do have special time to celebrate for their lives,” said Chipunga.

War veterans pose with the Rastas and Gonani

Speaking during the event, Major Innocent Kaminga from Cobbe Barracks applauded the Rastafarian CBO which donated assorted items to 10 war veterans in Zomba.

The organization works on feeding the hungry, protecting the aged, clothing the naked and conserving the environment. The Zomba based Rastafarian CBO donated washing and bathing soap, salt, sugar, cooking oil just to mention some.

Sick be Nourished Community Based Organization is also working on restoration of forest cover in Zomba Plateau.