St. Mary’s secondary teachers honoured for 100% MSCE pass rate

St. Mary’s Girls Secondary School in Zomba has on Wednesday received a cheque worth K1 million as an appreciation for achieving a 100% pass rate in the just released 2020 Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) results. Moses Petros Mwangonde, a parent to a form two student at the school hailed the schools’ teachers for rendering their services wholeheartedly in striving to make students pass with flying colours in the 2020 MSCE examinations. Speaking to Nthanda Times, Mwangonde said the school has managed to secure a smile for all 2020 outgoing students regardless of challenges this country’s education sector encountered. “This school has fortified a 100% Malawi School Certificate of Education pass rate while the 1 pass rate for the same examinations lies at 41%, that’s not a mean achievement,” Mwangonde said. Mwangonde : The teachers deserve an appreciation The happy parent said the appreciation is an encouragement to the teachers to continue their good job at the school. “I decided to honour the school with 1 million kwacha as one way of encouraging them that they are doing a very noble job though my daughter is still in form two at the same school but as for me this is the right time to do it, a motivation to maintain this in the next examinations sittings,” he said. In her remarks, St. Mary’s Girls Secondary School Head teacher Sister Annie Kapenda gave a standing ovation for the good gesture Mwangonde has shown, saying it is not a mean achievement for a single parent to do that. Kapenda : appreciation from parents and guardians boosts teaching morale Kapenda said appreciation from parents and guardians boosts their teaching morale. “We are short of words with what Mr Mwangonde has done, considering that none of his daughters sat for the 2020 Malawi School Certificate of Education examinations but he felt it to cheer us for the school’s achievement,” said Kapenda. Commenting on how the school has performed in the 2020 MSCE examinations, Kapenda said all 139 candidates who sat for examinations have passed with highest getting 7 points. “From 7 to 10 points we are having 13 students, from the same 7 to 20 points, we are having 102 students and then from 7 to 25 points we are having 116 students,” Kapenda enlightened. Sister Kapenda shows the K1 million cheque The Head teacher said the K1 million reward will be shared into two, half of it is to be used for school development while another half is to be shared among teachers. St. Mary’s Girls Secondary is one of the highest performing schools in the country. St. Mary’s Girls Secondary School in Zomba, 2020 MSCE results 41%, Maneb exam results. Sharing is Caring!