Study exposes covid-19 funds mismanagement

Malawi has registered discrepancies in the planning, utilisation, transparency and accountability of COVID - 19 emergency funds, a study titled 'Malawi COVID-19 Incidence and Resource Management' has revealed.

Conducted between January and February this year, the study was under an initiative called Follow the Money Malawi Chapter, under an inter1 project called COVID – 19 Transparency and Accountability Project (CTAP).

A report on the study has been shared during a virtual launch of a COVID - 19 Fund Africa Website hosted by Nigeria.

“For instance, most frontline health service providers, operated and in some places continue operating without sufficient personal protective equipment while in the same period, funding for such that was allocated to district councils was mainly spent on meetings and allowances, purportedly convened to discuss about the purchasing of the said equipment day in day out, with some district councils spending not even a single kwacha in regard to the said PPEs,” reads the report in part.

The study analysed COVID - 19 financial revenue and expenditure, focusing on donations, utilisation of funds and the overall impact of Government's response to the social, health and education sectors in Malawi. It has since recommended that citizens should start tracking expenditure of COVID - 19 funds.

The COVID – 19 Transparency and Accountability Project (CTAP) is under implementation in seven countries across Africa. Such include Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Kenya.