Telecommunications network of Malawi endorses Goshen City project

 The Telecommunications Network of Malawi (TNM) has signed an agreement with Prophet Shepherd Bushiri which makes them official partners of the Goshen city building project.

Speaking with Malawi News Agency (MANA), Brand and communications officer for TNM Limbani Nsapato said TNM believes in the concept of the positive development of the country.

“We are excited to be part of this great development and that we can add value to the tourism attraction of the country,” said Nsapato.

“The coming in of TNM to Goshen city is to guarantee a great coverage of both voice and data connections a cross the targeted area of the city and make sure it is well connected,” continued Nsapato.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri(right) with Arnold Mbwana Tnm CEO

Nsapato further said that the Goshen city project is a brilliant move pointing out that it will help boost the countries tourism sector as many people will be coming from abroad to enjoy the scenery.

“Our lake Malawi is a great treasure but there’s still room to develop around it and the addition of the City adds a lot of value to the tourism sector in the country,” Nsapato further added.

Prophet shepherd Bushiri said that the understanding is just a giant in the coming to fruition of the Goshen city project.

Meanwhile Ephraim Nyondo, spokesperson to Prophet Shepherd Bushiri was not available to comment at the time of the press.

Among the things agreed upon in the MoU between the two parties, TNM is expected to provide special sim cards to Goshen city residents, different local and international calling minutes, data and unlimited SMS offers just to mention a few.