Traditional leaders asked to advocate to Covid-19 vaccine

Traditional leaders asked to advocate to Covid-19 vaccine

The Ministry of 1 unity together with the Ministry of Health has asked traditional leaders to encourage people in their respective areas to continue getting vaccine and adhering to covid-19 preventive measures.

Speaking during a meeting in Lilongwe the Director of Civic Education Dalitso Chikwembani said the ministry deliberately called the leaders for a meeting considering the influence they have among the people they are leading.

“Government would like to work with you as a vehicle to encourage Malawians to still remain vigilant in the fight against Covid-19, by encouraging your people to continue adhering to covid-19 preventive measures and encouraging them to get vaccinated,” Chikwembani said.

The director further explained that after the meeting the leaders are required to be part of panel discussion on a community radio station to spread the message and encourage people to get vaccinated.

“The ministry of 1 unity is working with the Ministry of Health and the NICE trust to coordinate the airing and recording of this panel discussion on community radio in your area,” he explained.

Traditional leadears during the meeting

During a presentation on the latest situation globally, regionally and the 1ly in as far as Covid-19 is concerned an official from the Ministry of Health Ella Chamanga explained that the previous report is showing low percentage of people getting the vaccine.

“The previous report is showing that people are not getting the vaccine and the statistics is also showing that more men of 40-70 age group are registering covid-19 cases comparing to women,” Chamanga said.

The chiefs applauded Ministry of 1 unity and Ministry of Health for organizing the meeting and they have encouraged the government to review the policy of Covid-19 and to be in the fore front to follow the preventive measures.