TUM engages MCTU on risk allowance demands

Teachers union of Malawi (TUM) has taken a bold step in its quest to demand risk allowance from Government as it has planned to engage the Malawi Congress of Trade Union (MCTU).

This follows government’s delay in addressing their concerns, which they agreed to discuss outside court in early April.

In an interview with Nthanda Times, TUM President Willie Malimba said the union through its then mediator tried to meet with government, a move which yielded nothing.

“They are just saying we are going to meet and sort out this issue, but up to now there nothing from government’s side. We tried take our mediators then who were Civil Servant Trade Union (CSTU) to discuss with the government on when to meet, this yielded nothing as well,” said Malimba.  

Teachers from public schools have been demanding for risk allowance from government

Malimba further said the union plans to write MCTU for a direction as the country now experiences third wave of Covid-19 pandemic.

“We want to write the MCTU so that they should give us a direction. The sad thing is that we are in the third wave of the pandemic but the government has not done anything to teachers concerning Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) or the cash to buy the PPEs. We are now surprised how will the government handle this situation since they are saying that teachers and leaners are not t risk,” said Malimba.

Malimba also said Covid-19 preventive measures are not followed in schools, a situation which is putting at risk lives of both teachers and leaners.

Teachers have been demanding risk allowance from government, a call which the former is yet to fuflfil despite several promises.