Ward Councilor challenges duty bearers to lead in GBV fight

As one way of eradicating Gender Based Violence (GBV) amongst youth in the country, Chambo Ward Councilor in Zomba City has challenged duty bearers in her area to be in forfront in the fight against GBV. The Councilor Eddah Nkula made the calls Tuesday, April 13, 2021 afternoon at Bwaila Primary School in Zomba during a sensitization meeting which was held between youths, religious leaders, Police and Village Development Committees (VDC) on dangers of GBV. The meeting also opens doors for people to report any case of GBV they face in their work places, schools and markets. In an interview with Nthanda Times, Councillor Nkula said involving youths in such initiatives is crucial as it will help to equip them with knowledge so that they will develop into reliable citizens. Nkula : duty bearers need to champion fight against GBV “As youths are equiped with such knowledge, they will not have time to go for prostitution or drinking beer, or let alone to involve themselves in gender based violence. Instead, they will be busy doing things which will benefit their lives and the country in general,” said Nkula. Speaking to Nthanda Times, Chambo Ward youth represantative Austine Nyadani Namani urged his fellow youths to always report to Police any case of violence they face. Nyadani also challenged fellow youths to prioritize education for betterment of the country. “First and foremost, education is very important for us youths. When we go to school, our eyes are open that we can easily identify a gender based violence. Youths are the ones who mostly face the gender based violence. And we just sit without taking any action, and suffer in silence for fear. We to report any violence we face to any Police station,” Namani explained. The sensitization meeting was organized with an aim of enlightening duty bearers in Chambo Ward on how they can champion the fight against gender based violence in the area. Sharing is Caring!