Yehova tops Malawi music chart a week after its release

Barely a week after its release, Avokado's Amapiano single titled Yehova which he has featured gospel artist Thoko Katimba has proven to be a hit as it has topped the Malawi Music Top 10 chart.

The song was released on June 15, 2022, on different online platforms in the country and in Zambia where the Amapiano Landlord's fanbase keeps growing bigger.

In an interview with Nthanda Times, Avokado said he is overwhelmed with the support the Yehova track is receiving.

Avokado: the support has been overwhelming 

"The song has gone viral. I'm really impressed with the support this tune is receiving. My fans are in love with this tune," said Avokado.

On topping Malawi music's top 10 chart a week after its release, the Amapiano landlord said; "My other songs such as Ndaima Nji and Mbuye Wanga which I featured Chitedze Research Station Golden Voices, and Kwabwera Mahule also topped the chart. But in this case, the feeling is very different, Yehova topping the chart is exceptional."

The Yehova hit has over 18 thousand downloads on Malawi Music website with a 4.52 of 5 rating.

On Mikozi Network's monthly top 50, Yehova is in position 8 with over 17 thousand downloads and over 90 streams.

Yehova is a song that gives praise to the Almighty for all the battles the Lord has fought for humankind.

With so many thumbs up from his fans, the Yehova which is enjoying airplay has also received praises from Zambian media.

Zambian Music Promos (ZMP), an online music platform has described Avokaod as Malawi's lyrical genius.

"This stunning tune Yehova is a perfect blend of Afrobeat music. The lyrics were thought out making the song, more relatable and very easy to the ears. Avokado proves once again his versatility, coupled with authentic delivery. It’s no doubt that this brand new symphony is going to be among the top-notch project delivered this week. As the song is filled with so much finesse," posted ZMP.

Stream and download Yehova by clicking HERE