Youths challenged to promote healthy living

As one way of promoting healthy behavior amongst people living in Chambo ward, Young Archivers has challenged youths to take a leading role in the fight against healthy problems in the country The call has been made during a sanitization campaign at Namalaka in Zomba which aimed at hygiene awareness on health issues including sanitation and diseases. Speaking to Nthanda Times, Rodney Rabson Chairperson of Young Achievers disclosed that giving knowledge to young people on issues concerning healthy is vital because youths are victims of healthy diseases including such as diarrhoea "As youth we are victims because we don’t follow what is needed like frequent hand washing and bathing as well as eating well balanced food. What we like mostly is drinking beer and smoking, so this awareness will shape the behavior of youths in hygiene sector," said Rabson.  Speaking on the same, Des Mlongoti, a Health Surveillance Assistant (HAS) from Zomba City Clinic who works as an outreach at Namalaka area revealed they were compelled to venture into the sensitization campaign after noting gaps in hygiene wise.    Mlongoti showcasing hand washing Mlongoti said people in Namalaka do not follow guidelines when building toilets, a circumstance which poses a threat to health of the residents as they may easily be affected with Cholera outbreak. "Namalaka is one of the highly populated areas in Zomba. Because of this, it is not easy to follow healthy tips. So we are here to give them knowledge on how they can build their toilets, what position they can place there toilets. We also had tap readers. These are people who look after tap water in this area, so we engaged them on how best they can do to improve sanitation in these water taps," Mlongoti Said.  Among the attendees were people from healthy sector, tap leaders and youths. Young Achievers is a group of youths who work voluntarily in Zomba City to help those in needy as well as improving vegetation in their surrounding areas Sharing is Caring!