Zomba Central Parliamentarian donates two class blocks to Satema Primary School

Zomba Central Constituency Member of Parliament Bester Awali says good school infrastructure is vital for quality education in the country. The legislator said this over the weekend at Mtiya in Zomba when he handed over K3.8 million two class blocks to Satema Primary School.  In an interview with Nthanda Times during the handover ceremony, Awali disclosed that lack of school blocks has been a challenge to school going children in the area. Awali told us that the school blocks which have been built using Constituency Development Funds will help promoting education in the area as they will be no student learning under a tree.   “Absence of enough blocks here made it very difficult for conducive learning as some classes were taking place under trees. When rain comes, children were forced to abort classes. With the coming of this new school block here at Satema Primary School, we are at least assured of decent and conducive learning environment for our children,” said Awali. Awali : the new classrooms will help promote education in the area Awali handed over two large school blocks which will accommodate 40 learners each. In his words, delighted Village Headman Nandumbo 2 of Mtiya applauded Awali for the development saying it will reduce congestion in the classes. Nandumbo told us that before the new blocks, there was congestion in classes which paused a threat on lives of both students and teachers of contracting Corona Virus. “As a country, we are grappling to contain further spread of Covid-19 pandemic which has already claimed more than 1000 lives in the country. So, having a lot of students in a single classroom where social distance is not observed poses a threat to students and teachers of contracting the virus. With the new school blocks, we are assured that it will ease congestion in the classes,” said Nandumbo. One of the new classrooms at Satema Primary School Speaking during the handover ceremony, a representative of School Committee requested the Legislator to consider helping the school with playing ground and squaring of water bills amounting close to K200, 000.  Satema Primary School is one of many primary schools in Zomba facing inadequate school blocks and other infrastructure. Awali who donated blankets to elderly on the same day condemned the act of torturing the elderly on suspicion that they practice witchcraft, and called for a total respect the elderly deserve. On the same day, Awali opened a K4.6 million bridge which connects Mtiya 1 and Mtiya 2, and distributed asorted items to Muslims observing Holy month of Ramadan in Mtiya and Sadzi wards. Sharing is Caring!