Zoona visuals drops on Friday

Renowned Dance hall artists Jay Jay Cee and Sangie are set to release a video for their song ‘Zoona’ Friday this week. Released on 22nd March 2021, Zoona aims at showcasing the extent of love that exists between a man and a woman. Writing on his Official Facebook page, Jay Jay Cee said his followers should expert to enjoy visuals of the song on Friday as he is finalizing on it. The Jangiriya hitmaker, Jay Jay Cee, comes in with some verses in the song to show the extent of appreciation that a man values from his lover. He even reached a level of comparing the love that a man receives from his lover to that of a mother. Jay Jay Cee and Sangie captured during the shooting of Zoona video This is evidenced in the line “Monga momwe mayi amakondera mwana chikondi chako pa ineyo ndi chokwana, ayi osadzadana, izi sizachibwana, momwe ndaonela ifeyo tagwilizana”. The artist used these lines mainly to show the intimacy of love that the lover being referred to in the song is depicting. On her verse Sangie The Boss Lady, continues to carry on with the theme of the song to also show how a woman appreciates a man’s love when they are in love. This is evidenced in the lines “Ndendende drug ndi chipatala, iwe ndi ine sitidzasiyana” to tell that a woman who is being loved by a man truly tends to see the love between them as the way medicines stay together with a hospital. Part of the song goes like “Ine ndimakukonda zoona kuchoka pansi pa ntima zoona, I shall never leave you zoona zoona zoona.” Th Zoona hit has been well received by Dance hall lovers as it has been holding first position of the official weekly top 100 music chart on Malawi music website with over 34096 downloads. The song is found on different websites such as Malawi music website, Mikozi Network, Joy Nathu website, and others Sharing is Caring!